Digitalise your comunication with digital display 

Iagona supports you throughout your digital signage project. From choosing the Neoscreen licence to the display equipment.

We offer you products that are tailored to your needs, easy to use and that enable your targets to find the right information.


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Digitalising the customer journey according to your needs

Every installation is different. Every customer is different. The special feature of digital signage is that it adapts to your needs. Whether you have a restaurant to promote, a point of sale to promote or a hotel to digitalise, Iagona can help. Digital signage offers you flexibility in your communication!

Our display system allows you to:

  • Create captivating content to get your message across to your customers
  • Liven up your meeting room with digital content related to your theme
  • Guiding visitors
  • Offer your menus, products and/or services to your customers
  • Display your prices
  • Improve your internal communications

Our tool will save you as much time, traffic and money as possible, so you can grow your business.

What’s more, the quality of the images won’t leave your visitors indifferent. Totems, interactive terminals, lecterns, monitors, giant LED screens, video walls… It’s up to you to choose the tool that best suits your needs.

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Iagona can help you digitise your customer journey

We’re here to listen to your digital signage projects, to help you digitise your displays and advise you on the best way to meet your needs!

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