On their production, supply or logistics sites, industries are looking for maximum operational efficiency. Since its last revolution, industry has been using new, increasingly connected technologies (notably the Internet of Things: IoT) to boost performance. It also has a more human dimension, helping employees to work alongside robots and intelligent machines.

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Industries : Digitalize your plants with digital signage

Iagona - Broadcast


Display your key indicators, product volumes, information from head office… And facilitate access to information.

Iagona - Support


By distributing your key information directly on the factory floor, you can encourage all your employees to belong, whatever their workstation.

Iagona - Alerts


Use this medium to provide information on safety and hygiene instructions, as well as on upcoming visits.

Iagona - Share


Inform all your employees of new arrivals, legal, HR, CSR, internal information…

Digital signage for your internal communications

Are you a plant manager? There’s another type of connected digital tool you can use to help you achieve your efficiency objectives: digital signage. It’s a lever for the digital transition of your sites. Support the work of your production, procurement or logistics teams by transmitting the information they need to perform:

  • communicate indoors or outdoors with all your employees: safety rules, hygiene instructions, monitoring of operations on the shop floor…
  • generate 10 times more visual contact than traditional display media, to ensure your messages are well remembered.
  • modernize your plant’s image by exploiting the full potential of digital communication.

Improve the way you welcome your visitors by installing interactive kiosks in your plant. Thanks to the advantages of these digital technologies, you can :

  • Gather consent to comply with safety instructions from visitors to sensitive sites, such as SEVESO sites. Record marital status, and entry and exit times to enable meticulous monitoring in the event of danger.
  • broadcast a video presenting the risks associated with plant visits
  • obtain, via an electronic signature, visitors’ consent to follow all safety rules and instructions.

Digital signage: the communication tool to support staff work in industry

With digital signage, you have a simple, effective solution for distributing all the types of content your plant needs to function:

  • Production indexes
  • Upcoming audits
  • Industrial performance
  • Maintenance operations
  • Reminder of safety instructions / safety objectives
  • Institutional messages

Make your production or handling teams even more efficient by choosing a communication method that meets their needs. Connected screens installed in your plant enable you to:

  • Make information accessible and readable: volume to be produced, volume manufactured, deviation from daily targets… The activity data of your choice is projected onto your connected screens. They are also updated in real time.
  • Unite your teams: celebrate your teams’ successes and achievements. By highlighting their work, you reinforce their sense of belonging to the group, whether your sites are geographically dispersed or not. You can also project content extracted from internal events to reinforce their sense of belonging to the company.
  • Communicate in real time: make your message flow smoothly, with a connected display that automatically updates your information. It can be aimed at all your employees, whether on production lines or in headquarters offices (management, human resources, finance, R&D, sales and marketing, etc.).

Connectivity as a solution for efficient communication in your plant

Improve your communication agility by installing digital signage solutions at your production, procurement or logistics sites. Thanks to their connected nature, you benefit from a single management platform, on which you can determine centralized or local access or modification rights.

Use the ease of use of digital signage to achieve your communication objectives in just a few clicks:

  • inform: by displaying production indices at your sites, or performance indices at your head office.
  • train: by making information more accessible to operators: technical recommendations in front of workstations (such as manufacturing data sheets), or advice on how to achieve quality objectives (sharing a methodology, etc.).
  • alert: by immediately disseminating alert messages, safety instructions and upcoming maintenance operations to your staff.

IAGONA’s digital signage solutions offer the functionality to match your plant’s activity. Our screens are sold with a digital signage software suite adapted to your activity:

  • Neoscreen: software to design and display all your content and distribute it wherever you want.
  • Mapex: a software extension to help your customers and visitors find their way around your plant thanks to an interactive map.
  • Deskex: a software extension to welcome the public and offer a virtual concierge service.
  • Customomex: a software extension for a customized signage solution, perfectly adapted to your needs.



Iagona helps you digitalize your customer journey

We’re here to listen to your digital signage projects, to support you in your digitalization and advise you on the best solution for your needs!

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An innovative digital signage solution is much more attractive and helps modernize your brand image.

Communicate with your audiences even more effectively

Communicate with your audiences even more effectively

The properties of digital signage make it the ideal solution for any industry. Equip your sites with connected screens to interact with your employees. Internal communication is an effective way of encouraging motivation and commitment:

  • keep your staff informed: you’ll be giving them the means to achieve their goals. You also make them feel valued.
  • modernize your in-house communications: by being equipped with display screens, you give yourself the opportunity to broadcast animated or video content that’s more engaging and entertaining. Make your communications more attractive!
  • change your traditional methods: place your connected screens in strategic locations on your sites, and vary the type of information broadcast to your teams (photos, videos, slideshows, etc.). This diversity of content will attract their attention and avoid a feeling of monotony. You’ll keep your staff attentive to your messages and modernize your plant’s image.

Interact with your visitors and simplify your organization

The ergonomics of our interactive kiosks are designed to make them easy-to-use, intuitive tools. By placing them in your reception area, you automate many of the steps that are essential to your plant visit: communicating risks and rules to be followed, obtaining consents… Visitors can register completely independently. For your part, you benefit from simplified tracking and archiving of consents, thanks to the Neoscreen software extension integrated into IAGONA solutions.

Want to create other types of interaction with your visitors and staff? An interactive display screen lets you provide them with a wealth of value-added content: interactive guides for your prospects, a map of your sites to help them find their way around more easily, digital consent requests on secure sites… Build an attractive, differentiating experience by equipping yourself with digital kiosks.

Is digital signage software the right solution for my plant?

Digital signage brings all your staff together and gives them access to the same information. With this type of medium, you’ll no longer have to multiply communication emails; all information will be on screen. What’s more, by connecting your digital signage to your production tools, you can automate the information disseminated and keep your staff informed of key indicators and objectives.

How can digital signage bring my staff together?

Digital signage can be used to display any kind of information. You can choose the format of the messages you want to broadcast, and keep your employees up to date with all the latest information.

Indeed, employees who are not based at head office can sometimes feel short-changed, as they are not always up to date with the latest communications. Digital signage keeps everyone informed, whatever their location or position. Real-time updating is an added advantage, ensuring that every employee benefits from the same information.