What are travelers looking for when they enter a hotel? Whether they enter for business or pleasure… Whether the clientele is local or international… They all share a common expectation: to have an unforgettable experience.

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Digital signage for hotels: Enhance your customer experience

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Visitors, travelers, customers… Give your targets a good first image.

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Communicate your services and offers easily and give them the visibility they deserve.

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Add value

Display reviews and comments from past customers to maximize new customer satisfaction.

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Indicate / Orient

Digital signage is also an excellent directional medium for directing visitors to different areas.

An effective visual communication medium

Are you a hotel manager? Digital signage is an effective visual communication medium for leaving your customers with an excellent impression. It helps to modernize your hotel’s image and improve the efficiency of your teams. For example:

  • with menus updated in just a few clicks in your restaurant
  • by helping your customers to find their way around your establishment: whether they’re coming for an overnight stay, a seminar, a meeting or a training course…)
  • offering even higher levels of service when screens are interactive

Exploit the advantages of digital signage to make your customer journey even more attractive, at every stage. Your customers are better informed, and therefore more autonomous. For you, it’s a real efficiency booster. With connected screens, you can :

  • attract more visitors
  • generate more sales
  • offer a new customer experience.

Digital signage: the ideal communication tool for the hospitality sector

Innovate and develop your brand image by choosing one of the most effective communication media: digital signage. You’ll make your hotel even more attractive, build customer loyalty and encourage the sharing of positive reviews on social media. It’s the ideal cocktail for boosting your sales in the long term!

Reach your customer satisfaction targets by optimizing your entire customer journey. Digital signage helps you meet the needs of the travelers you welcome to your hotel:

  • Convey the information your guests need, 24 hours a day, in any language. This makes the connected display an excellent alternative for hotels without night reception staff.
  • Improve the efficiency of your organization by empowering your customers. By opting for an interactive screen, you can deliver tourist advice by providing high-quality content (easily accessible thanks to ergonomic navigation), offer reservation and purchase of services (spa time, a table in the hotel restaurant…), or let your customers check-in and check-out… Find out more with IAGONA digital kiosks!

Enjoy the benefits of connectivity: manage your screens with ease!

Simply program and broadcast all the content you want to show on your digital signage. Thanks to their connected nature, you can install a fleet of screens in all areas of your hotel, and manage them easily from a single platform.

The benefits of this connectivity are numerous. You can :

  • define and modify, at any time, the content
  • displayed on each screen, in your lounges or reception areas.
  • update (in real time) all the information projected on your screens.
  • analyze the performance of your communications.
  • re-adapt your content distribution strategy as part of a test-and-learn approach.

IAGONA’s digital signage solutions offer you the ease of use you expect from a high-performance, innovative tool. We integrate software whose functionalities are adapted to your hotel:

  • Priceex: customer reception software that lets you easily manage and display your services and rates.
  • Signex: dynamic signage software that helps you direct your customers to their meeting, seminar or training rooms.
  • Mapex: a software package that helps your customers and visitors find their way thanks to an interactive map. With it, you can easily create a dynamic itinerary.
  • Menuex: software that lets you modify your restaurant’s dishes, menus, drinks and desserts in just a few clicks.
  • Customex: a software package that provides you with a tailor-made display solution, perfectly adapted to your needs.



Iagona helps you digitalize your customer journey

We’re here to listen to your digital signage projects, to support you in your digitalization and advise you on the best solution for your needs!

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An innovative digital signage solution is much more attractive and helps modernize your brand image.

What are the benefits of digital signage for hotels?

Our digital signage solutions offer all the features you need to boost your communication:

  • Improve your customer service: By communicating about your services and your offer, directing customers and sharing practical information, you increase your chances of becoming a must-see. Digital signage makes your image even more attractive.
  • Promote your offer and services: By promoting your hotel, you give yourself the means to attract customers and generate additional sales. Indicate room rates, post spa or restaurant opening times, share room photos and present your services… All your communications contribute to reaching and surpassing your objectives!
  • Organize business meetings: If business meetings or seminars are taking place in your hotel, a connected screen improves the reception of your guests and directs them to the appropriate lounges.
  • Interact with your customers: Encourage your customers to follow your news and grow your community on social networks. Digital signage is a medium that creates a bond with your audience, allowing them to share their opinions and photos of their experience in your hotel.

Is digital signage software the right solution for my hotel?

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool for the hotel industry.

Just as a restaurant can no longer confine itself to serving food, a hotel can no longer confine itself to offering a room for a night. Hotels must seek to offer the best possible customer experience to build loyalty and ensure sustainable sales growth.

Can digital signage enhance my hotel's image?

Digital signage makes it possible to meet customer expectations 24 hours a day, in any language. A real asset for hotels without night reception staff.

For example, with tactile displays. They deliver tourist tips and contribute to a better customer experience without the need for additional staff. Navigation is ergonomic, and it’s easy to navigate according to your centers of interest.