Dynamic displays: what are the benefits for retailers?

3 July 2023

Visual communications are ideal for developing a retailer’s image and brand awareness. They’re eye-catching, eye-catching, and effective for promoting products, services or brand universes.

Dynamic signage solutions give businesses the opportunity to make a lasting impression on their prospects and customers. Easily installed close to them, in the window or inside a point of sale, they are at the service of an establishment’s marketing and communication missions.

Discover the added value of digital signage and its key benefits for retailers in this article!

Attract prospects with an attractive window display

The shop window is the point of contact between a business and potential customers in the vicinity. By making it attractive, a business can get noticed and attract new customers to its premises. It’s a “battle for attention” waged by all shopkeepers on a street or in an urban neighborhood. It’s all about standing out from the crowd, so as to be known by locals and transients alike, and make them want to discover and/or buy your products and services.

The first step in attracting audiences is to get their attention. In this sense, shop windows have a role to play in preparing sales. They provide an initial level of information on the store’s offerings, through displays. But also through product displays, all of which are staged in the window according to the store’s visual codes.

From simple showcase to technological innovation, a real retail advantage

Shop windows are spaces where a retailer’s identity can be asserted. They are a real advantage when it comes to enhancing visual communications. Display media are easy to install. What’s more, technological innovations developed by signage manufacturers have opened up new opportunities for retailers:

  • LED screens have replaced traditional display media. They enable the broadcasting of dynamic content
  • Solutions have become high-performance in terms of image quality.
  • The thickness of displays has been reduced to facilitate installation in small spaces such as shop windows.
  • The digital nature of dynamic displays makes them easy to manage. Set-up requires just a few clicks from a single workstation. This enables retailers to modify projected content, whether static, animated or video, almost instantaneously.

Superior audience capture

When they choose to broadcast non-static content, retailers are more effective at capturing audiences. Media Report has shown that a dynamic screen in a store window generates 10 times more visual contact than a conventional window. This increases attractiveness by 15%.

Dynamic displays installed in shop windows are therefore an effective solution for companies’ traditional communication missions. And, more broadly, to reinforce their marketing strategy. They are the primary contributors to a customer experience at the point of sale that continues once the public has passed through the store’s doors.

One of the advantages of screens for retailers: enhancing promotions

Retailers regularly run special promotions. For example, to clear stock, to boost sales, to build customer loyalty… In some cases, these promotional campaigns are not as successful as retailers had hoped. Not because they aren’t attractive enough, but because customers haven’t been properly informed.

Some customers enter a store knowing all the day’s promotions (thanks to catalogs, internet or mobile communications). And others are more likely to let themselves be inspired on the shelves. Signage is a medium that can be used to promote promotions anywhere in the store. It offers real advantages for retailers. When dynamic, it offers other possibilities than traditional print media. It is therefore more advantageous in a number of ways:


  • As with window displays, animated or video content is more effective at capturing the public’s attention through movement.
  • Content can be modified instantly, on one or more screens. This enables retailers to target promotions in a highly personalized way, depending on the location of the display tool in the store (at the entrance, at the head of a specific aisle, at the checkout, etc.).
  • Retailers can implement a test-and-learn approach by regularly varying promotions. This will enable them to see which types of offer their customers are most sensitive to.

Easy access to the information you need, major benefits of digital signage for retailers

Customers are increasingly concerned about the origin of products. Or, in the case of food products, their nutritional qualities. Or about the responsible dimension of manufacturing processes. They often wish to be better informed so they can make purchases that respect their ethical values. Or that help preserve the environment and society. Or that are part of a well-being approach.

LRetailers can even go one step further by installing interactive tools. Such as kiosks or digital totems. In this way, customers can browse the interface and search for specific information. For example: to access all the information relating to a fresh produce product sold in a food store (presentation of the producer, type of farming, types of products used on the farm, nutritional information, delivery date to the store, etc.). Or to find their way around a department store more easily (for example, with an interactive screen on which customers select the type of product they are looking for, before being shown an “itinerary” to help them find the aisle).

Some retailers use dynamic displays to provide this type of information. These include infographics, animated videos and other types of explanatory content. Here, the advantage of screens is that they can bring together a wider range of information in a single display space. This is made possible by the rotation of the content displayed. The messages are enhanced without affecting their legibility.

Maximize retail impact with a complete digital signage solution

LED advertising panels are more than just media for displaying visual content. They’re real tools for boosting business, and thus benefits for retailers. Content creation, upselling, innovative customer experience thanks to futuristic technologies… The functionalities a retailer can expect from digital signage are numerous. If you’d like to know which specific solution is best suited to your needs, it’s best to ask a specialist manufacturer!

For a retailer, the store is the nerve center of his business. They need effective solutions to support their sales force. Dynamic displays are easy-to-install solutions that are intuitive to use. They are ideal for capturing the attention of the public, as well as promoting promotions and product information.

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