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Retail outlets have to keep up with the pace of an ultra-connected world if they are to survive. They welcome prospects and customers who want a real experience. With all retail outlets engaged in a veritable battle to attract these audiences, the sector is highly competitive. So, to develop their brand image and maximise their sales performance, retailers are making their shops one of the main pillars of their marketing strategy. Installing digital technologies is an ideal way of achieving this.

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Create an exceptional customer experience in your store

Iagona - Stimulate purchases


Display your current offers, promotions and news to arouse desire and stimulate in-store purchases.

Iagona - Dynamic content


With dynamic content, breathe new life into your shop to give it a more connected, modern image.

Iagona - Value


Communicate your values and principles to promote your brand image

Iagona - Communication


Create an experience that customers can immerse themselves in to identify with the brand’s world.

The right communication

Are you responsible for a shop or for fitting out points of sale? Digital signage is the right solution for you:

  • enhance your customer experience,
  • stimulate purchases in your shop
  • promote your commercial messages
  • communicate with your prospects and customers
  • modernise your brand image.

Discover all the benefits of IAGONA’s digital signage solutions!

Digital signage: the communication tool for the retail sector

You can leave a lasting impression on your customers and develop your business by equipping yourself with one of the most effective means of communication: digital signage. With digital signage, you can offer your visitors differentiating content, by projecting a wide range of entertaining content in your shop, including promotional content and exclusive offers that encourage impulse buying. + notion de mise en avant de contenu promotionnels, d’offres exclusives, provoquer l’achat d’impulsion. Get connected screens to:

  • enable your customers to have a good time in your establishment
  • make it easier to meet and exceed your sales targets
  • re-enchant the act of buying in your shop.

Where can you install your digital signage to stand out from the crowd? The answers can be found at every stage of the customer journey:

  • In the window, to attract your customers: animated and video content has the advantage of capturing people’s attention very effectively. Their movement naturally attracts the human eye. By placing dynamic displays in the windows of your branches, you can reach new audiences and increase your number of prospects and customers.
  • at the entrance to your shop to establish your identity: by installing a digital signage system here, you help your customers to immerse themselves in the world of your brand. You’re opening the door to an experience they’ll remember! What’s more, you can take advantage of the opportunity to broadcast promotional messages.
  • In the shop aisles: use digital signage to guide your visitors through their choices. Sometimes they don’t make a purchase, not because they don’t want to, but because they haven’t found the product they were looking for. So take advantage of a visual communication solution to present and enhance your attractive offer! Screens are also a very useful medium for proposing complementary products (cross-selling) or taking your customers to higher product ranges (up-selling).
  • In front of the checkout: sometimes, getting the right message across at the last moment of the customer journey can encourage a final impulse purchase and increase your visitor’s shopping basket. Give yourself every opportunity to get visitors interested in your products… right up to the last minute!

Enjoy the benefits of connectivity: manage your screens with ease!

Simply programme and distribute all the content you need to support your marketing strategy. Thanks to the connected nature of digital signage, you can install a fleet of screens in one or more points of sale, and manage them easily from a single platform.

The advantages of this connectivity are numerous. You can :

  • Define and modify, at any time, the content displayed on each screen, in all your stores.
  • Plan and anticipate promotional campaigns
  • update (in real time) all the information displayed on your screens.
  • analyse the performance of your communications
  • re-adapt your content distribution strategy as part of a test and learn approach..

IAGONA’s digital signage solutions offer you the ease of use you expect from a high-performance, innovative tool. We integrate software with functions tailored to your shop:

  • Neoscreen, software to design and display all your content and distribute it wherever you want.
  • Customex, a software extension for a tailor-made display solution perfectly suited to your needs.
  • ShopEx: a software extension that lets you order a product on a touch terminal if it is not available in-store.



We needed a digital signage solution as extraordinary as the collections we sell, and this was made possible by Iagona.

Audrey Barat

Besson Chaussures Manager

We wanted to deploy a network of connected screens in addition to our other internal communication media (intranet, magazine, private Insta account) to reach employees in a different way. In particular, we wanted to share more information with employees at our logistics site, who don’t necessarily have access to our intranet.
We greatly appreciated the support we received in terms of maintenance, commercial relations and telephone after-sales service: responsiveness, advice, availability and attentiveness to our needs were all there.

Julie Modolo

Editorial manager - La Redoute

Audrey BaratBesson Chaussures Manager

Julie ModoloEditorial manager - La Redoute


Iagona can help you digitise your customer journey

We’re here to listen to your digital signage projects, to help you digitise your displays and advise you on the best way to meet your needs!

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An innovative digital signage solution is much more attractive and helps to modernise your brand image.

What are the benefits of dynamic displays for retailers?

Digital signage has the right properties to meet the needs of the retail sector. Equip your shops with connected screens to be even more efficient in all your activities:

  • present your products in a captivating way: boost the appeal of your business by showcasing your products! Digital signage is a tool that excels at capturing people’s attention. By installing screens in your shop, you can communicate about your products in a way that makes them stand out. Flagship products, new products, must-haves, seasonal trends… your customers are reassured in their choices and have better visibility of how to use the product, without the need for a sales assistant.
  • give your shop a boost: say goodbye to static posters and say hello to dynamic content! Thanks to the graphic creation tools integrated into the IAGONA software, you can create video content and high-impact animations in just a few minutes. The result is a modern, more connected image for your shop.
  • Showcase your promotions and new products: use digital signage to boost your sales. It’s the ideal way of passing on promotional offers and informing your visitors about the prices of your products and services: all the information can be updated in real time. During events such as Black Friday, sales or the Christmas shopping season, they attract consumers’ attention and encourage impulse buying.
  • immerse your customers in the world of your brand: from promotional communication to brand experience, there’s just one step… With digital signage, you can reinforce your brand image by communicating your values, your raison d’être and your know-how. Take your customers on a journey through your activities and show them how a product is made! That’s what “brand dramatisation” with digital media is all about: videos, animations, interactivity, photo galleries, real-time information… you can offer unforgettable experiences whose only limits are imposed by your creativity!

Is digital signage software the right solution for a shop?

Digital signage is a very useful tool for your shop, as it allows you to present your products and special offers to customers in an attractive and interactive way.

With digital signage, you can create visually appealing displays that can capture customers’ interest and encourage them to find out more about the products on offer. You can also present your products in an interactive and immersive way, making it easier to present technical or complex products in particular.

With the screens, you help to create a modern and pleasant atmosphere in the shop, which improves the shopping experience for customers. What’s more, highlighting special offers and promotions clearly and visibly encourages customers to buy.

Thanks to digital signage, you can easily update the information displayed, which can be particularly useful for shops that offer a wide variety of products and often need to update their offers.

Can digital signage enhance my shop's image?

Digital signage helps to enhance your shop’s image in a number of ways. Firstly, it allows you to present your products and special offers in an attractive and interactive way. This can arouse the interest of potential customers and encourage them to find out more about your establishment. What’s more, digital signage is used to broadcast useful, up-to-date information to shop customers, enhancing their experience and perception of your shop. Finally, the use of digital signage shows that your shop is modern and cares about its customers’ experience, which helps to reinforce your store’s image.