The foodservice sector is evolving to keep pace with new consumer habits. More and more consumers (especially in urban areas) are looking to make the most of their lunch breaks. They expect fast, quality service. As a result, restaurant operators are operating in a highly competitive environment, boosted to a large extent by delivery and services such as click and collect.

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Boost your restaurant’s visibility with digital signage

Iagona - Attract customers


Stimulate the desire to consume by advertising your special offers, which will help you to increase your restaurant’s average basket.

Iagona - Value


Digital signage helps to improve your brand image and modernise your products and services.

Iagona - Entertain


Enhance the customer experience by entertaining them while they wait (to be served, to be placed…)

Iagona - Raising awareness


Displaying menus and offers digitally allows customers to make their choice before ordering, optimising the ordering process.

Improve the visibility of your offers

Are you in charge of a restaurant or a network of restaurants? Digital signage and kiosks are ideal solutions to help you achieve all your development objectives more easily:

  • save time taking orders
  • avoid long queues in your restaurant
  • reduce the risk of ordering errors
  • prepare your orders quickly
  • maximise customer satisfaction
  • increase the visibility of your current promotional offers

Discover all the benefits of IAGONA’s digital signage solutions!

Digital signage: a communication tool to boost the restaurant sector

To attract people to your establishment, you need to be as visible as possible. Digital signage allows you to attract more customers, create a differentiating brand identity and build a more attractive experience.

Get the word out about your restaurant and win over your customers by installing digital signage at every stage of their visit:

  • In the window, to draw people into your establishment: animated and video content has the advantage of capturing people’s attention very effectively. Their movement naturally attracts the attention of passers-by. By placing a dynamic display in your restaurant window, you can reach new audiences and increase your number of potential customers.
  • at the entrance to your restaurant to develop your identity: by installing a digital signage system at this point, you create conditions that are conducive to sales. Use screens to reinforce your brand image or to highlight your promotional messages, such as an exceptional discount on a menu.
  • in the restaurant queue: use the effectiveness of visual communication to present the most profitable offers! Screens are a very useful medium for proposing complementary products (cross-selling) or taking your customers to higher product ranges (up-selling). You give yourself the opportunity to increase your average basket and your sales.  
  • above the tills: a good way of saving time when dealing with your customers and making it easier for them to choose their menu. By projecting your offers above the tills, you capture their attention and attract their curiosity. You create an opportunity to promote your most profitable offers, or those that best fit in with your marketing strategy.    

Do you want to be more efficient? Touch-screen kiosks are the ideal solution. They allow your customers to take care of themselves. As a result, your teams can concentrate on higher added-value tasks, such as preparing meals. The interactive screens installed in your restaurant take care of the rest! They are connected to your cashier system so that orders are taken and cash collected quickly and without incident. Your queue is better managed, attracting even more customers to your restaurant and boosting your sales. Autonomous order taking, higher average basket, secure checkout, customer loyalty, easier billing management… Find out more about IAGONA digital terminals.

Digitalise your restaurant with digital signage solutions for :             

  • reduce the waiting time for your customers
  • make queues more fluid for an optimal customer experience
  • increase order volume and sales
  • set your business apart from the competition
  • boost your brand image with an interactive and innovative solution

Enjoy the benefits of connectivity: manage your screens with ease!

Simply programme and distribute all the content you need to support your marketing strategy. Thanks to the connected nature of digital signage, you can install a fleet of screens in one or more restaurants, and manage them easily from a single platform.

The advantages of this connectivity are numerous. You can :

  • Define and modify the content displayed on each screen in all your restaurants at any time.
    update (in real time) all the information displayed on your screens.
    analyse the performance of your communications
    adapt your content distribution strategy as part of a test and learn approach.

IAGONA’s digital signage solutions offer the ease of use you expect from a high-performance, innovative tool. They are equipped with software whose functions are tailored to your restaurant business:

  • Neoscreen: digital signage software for designing, programming and managing your content and screens.
  • Priceex: a software extension for managing and displaying your services and prices with ease.
  • Signex: a software extension to guide your customers around your restaurant.
  • Mapex: a software extension to help your customers and visitors find their way around your restaurant thanks to an interactive map.
  • Menuex: a software extension that lets you change the dishes, menus, drinks and desserts displayed on your screens in just a few clicks.
  • Customex: a software extension to create a display solution perfectly tailored to your needs.




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Install digital signage in your restaurant and easily promote your current offers.

What are the benefits of digital signage for restaurants?

Digital signage has the right properties for the needs of the foodservice sector. Equip your establishments with connected screens to be even more effective in all your activities:

  • welcoming customers: by communicating your menus and specialities, advising your customers or sharing practical information, you can enhance your image. Give yourself the means to become THE reference for your customers!
  • Promote the restaurant: to attract new customers and generate additional sales, it’s important to promote and enhance your offer. Achieve your objectives by developing your brand image or introducing additional services such as photo sharing.
  • Interact with customers: create a bond with your customers using interactive digital signage. Invite them to follow your news, join your community on social networks, and share their opinions or even photos of their experience.
  • Re-enchant the customer experience: digital signage makes it possible to respond to customer expectations at any time. Offer them a differentiating experience by broadcasting attractive animated and video content! You can also share cultural and tourist tips about interesting places nearby.

Is digital signage software the right solution for a restaurant?

Yes, digital signage software is a relevant solution for a restaurant, particularly for :

  • Display the day’s menu and current dishes in an interactive and attractive way.
  • Present your promotions and special offers.
  • Broadcast information about the history of your restaurant, your cooking philosophy or the production methods used.
  • Create a pleasant and original atmosphere in your establishment by broadcasting dynamic content and videos.

In general, digital signage software is a useful solution for any establishment that wants to showcase its offering in an attractive and original way, and that is looking to create a quality experience for its customers.

Can digital signage enhance my restaurant's image?

Digital signage helps to enhance your restaurant’s image in a number of ways. For a start, it allows you to present and promote your current offers, which increases your restaurant’s average shopping basket. What’s more, this medium can be used to highlight reviews of your establishment left on social networks or Google, to promote customer satisfaction. Finally, digital signage can also be used to entertain your customers while they wait. Entertainment improves the customer experience and keeps them coming back for more.