Digital signage totems: enhancing your visual communication

3 July 2023

Since POS (point-of-sale advertising) took the digital turn, digital signage manufacturers have amplified the effectiveness of their solutions thanks to technological advances (for example, innovations in LED screens). Totems, traditionally used by companies as signage media, have become a lever for distributing digital content. They now meet the need to capture the attention of the public.

Digital signage totems have amplified the possibilities for corporate expression: the high-definition graphics of their screens enable content to be broadcast with high visual quality, content (static, animated or video) can be easily modified thanks to the connectivity of digital totems, and these POS tools can be adapted visually to reception or sales areas with their customizable wrapping.

Find out in this article how digital signage totems can enhance a company’s visual communication.

Totem : a classic POS tool

POS (point-of-sale advertising) is a set of means used by companies to be visible to the public in places where they are welcomed. These indoor and outdoor displays help brands get noticed, attract prospects and customers, and more easily trigger an act of purchase, an act of information, or an act of adhesion.

As signage media, display totems are a category of POP advertising. Traditionally, they have been used to provide signage information, but technological advances have enriched them by making them digital. Today, they boast features that broaden the scope of their capabilities.

A practical, easy-to-use connected tool

Digital signage totems combine functionality, ergonomics and efficiency. Practical, versatile, made-to-measure and easy to install anywhere, they effectively meet traditional POS communication objectives:

  • Enhance and/or present a product or service
  • Attract the public’s attention to increase message recall or provide better information
  • Structure spaces: on a stand at an event, in a store, etc.
  • Accompany and facilitate a marketing objective (an act of purchase, registration in a database, etc.)
  • Orient audiences: when they are in a shopping area, an industrial site, etc.


Digital signage totems make visual communication easier, thanks to their simple, intuitive operation. Companies can control all the screens they own via a central control system. This optimizes management of the entire fleet (from a single workstation), improving the efficiency of the marketing/communications team: broadcasting or modifying content on a display at the other end of France is just a few clicks away.


When installed in the same reception or sales area, the screens can also be synchronized. A company can install digital totems and LED advertising panels while creating a homogeneous brand identity. In fact… some companies ask themselves: do they need LED advertising panels or digital signage totems? Both have their own special features and functionalities. The advantages of digital totems are not the same as those of LED billboards. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a specialist manufacturer for advice!

A lever for creating and distributing visual communications

In some cases, digital totems can simplify the creation of corporate content. Their manufacturers can integrate sTheir manufacturers can integrate software for creating animated content, enabling marketing/communications teams to produce visuals quickly and efficiently., enabling marketing/communications teams to produce visuals quickly and efficiently. What’s more, the software makes it easy to personalize content, for example by adapting information such as the date or location shown in the text of a projected poster. The same content can thus be easily adapted to create a consistent visual identity (e.g.: a school present throughout France can use the same visual to promote its programs, and adapt it to the location of each establishment).

These properties of digital totems result in greater effectiveness in communicating with audiences, as the personalization of a message promotes a closer relationship.

More generally, more attractive visual content enables companies to stand out from the crowd and enhance the customer experience at the point of sale. This advantage is particularly appreciated on occasions such as trade shows, where companies seek to stand out from their competitors and attract (and keep!) audiences to their stand.

The two main types of digital signage totems

Among all existing digital totems, it’s possible to distinguish two main types that face different conditions. They also generally have different uses and objectives. The first type meets indoor display needs, the others outdoor.

Indoor totems

  • Indoor digital totems are often highly oriented towards marketing objectives. They support the sales force more easily, because the context for interaction with audiences is more favorable than outdoors. Prospects and customers are warm or cool, welcomed in spaces that can be adapted, etc.
  • Indoor totems stand out for their design and elegance. Even their casings can be customized. They offer greater possibilities for enhancing a sign’s visual communications.

Outdoor totems

  • Outdoor totems are more robust, as they have to withstand tougher industrial standards and weather conditions. In most cases, they are fixed and meet information needs (traditionally met by signage supports).
  • Finding the entrance to an establishment, orienting oneself on a site made up of several buildings, informing the public about itineraries… Outdoor totems are largely intended for orientation purposes. It is therefore more difficult to include them directly in an approach that enhances a sign’s visual communications by broadcasting digital content.
  • However, the largest outdoor totems reach a greater number of prospects and customers than indoor totems. Brand logos, for example, which can be seen from several kilometers away, also respect their visual codes. They help to assert their identity by multiplying points of contact with the brand.

In conclusion

There are many ways in which companies can enhance their visual communications. Among them: digital signage totems. Traditionally conceived as signage media designed to inform the public, digital innovations have enabled digital totems (especially indoor ones) to take their place in a company’s range of communication tools. Thanks to them, audiences are attracted, the customer experience is enhanced and marketing objectives are more easily achieved.

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