How many people stop in front of an estate agent’s window to find out what’s on offer at the moment? Whether you’re buying, selling or thinking about it, there’s nothing but advantages to drawing people’s attention to the latest adverts!

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Modernise your estate agencies and boost your sales
with digital signage

Iagona - Attract customers


Liven up your ads to get the most out of them and seduce your future buyer!

Iagona - Branding


Take advantage of this opportunity to highlight your services, which set you apart from competing agencies.

Iagona - Value

Add value

Display reviews and comments from past customers to maximize new customer satisfaction.

Iagona - Attract attention


Your dynamic ads will automatically attract the attention of your future buyers.

An unstoppable demarcation tool

Are you in charge of an estate agency network? Digital signage can help you stand out from the crowd. Because your sector is so competitive, you need to attract people to your premises who are planning to buy or rent a property.

Promote your real estate offers by equipping yourself with connected screens. They can be installed in shop windows, reception areas and offices, improving the performance of your teams. Support them in their day-to-day work:

  • attract the attention of people passing by your branch
  • stand out from your competitors by creating a wow effect
  • modernise your agency’s image: so that your agents inspire confidence in buyers, and sellers choose you to promote their property.
  • improve your internal and external communications, by transmitting personalised and targeted information: for your agents or for your prospects and customers.

Digital signage to maximise sales in the property sector

Visual communication is perfectly suited to the needs of estate agents, in terms of image and brand awareness. Equip yourself with affordable connected screens to :

  • help your customers enjoy their time in your establishment
  • meet and exceed your sales targets more easily
  • re-enchant the experience in your branch
  • make sellers want to trust you to let or sell their property.

Digital signage helps you stand out from your competitors and grow your business:

  • make it easier to manage your property listings: you can communicate on all your listings (numbering in the dozens and sometimes hundreds), highlighting their specific features and characteristics (location, surface area, price, assets, etc.). All in just a few clicks!
  • Bring more customers into your agency: with a dynamic display installed in your window, you can take advantage of your visibility to improve your appeal. Projected animated or video content naturally attracts the human eye. You can capture the attention of passers-by more effectively, and so increase the number of people entering your branch. Result: you increase your volume of property transactions!
  • Improve the customer experience: you can leave your customers with an even better impression by reducing their sense of waiting. Digital signage allows them to spend an even more enjoyable time by projecting entertaining content. It can also be used to prepare for the sale by displaying exceptional offers.

Simplify your content management with connected tools

Digital signage is a digital, connected solution. You can easily manage all the visuals projected onto your screens from a single platform: property advertisements, brand content or information for your agents.

The advantages of this connectivity are numerous. With just a few clicks, you can :

  • Define and modify the content shown on each screen at any time.
  • update (in real time) all the information projected.
  • analyse the performance of your communications
  • readjust your content distribution strategy as part of a test and learn approach.

IAGONA’s digital signage solutions offer you the ease of use you expect from a high-performance, innovative tool. We offer a digital signage software suite tailored to your real estate business, whether you have 1 agency or a network:

  • Neoscreen, software to design and display all your content and distribute it wherever you want.
  • Customex, a software extension for a tailor-made display solution perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Immoex: a software extension for displaying your property advertisements via a playlist that you create and manage yourself.



Iagona can help you digitise your customer journey

We’re here to listen to your digital signage projects, to help you digitise your displays and advise you on the best way to meet your needs!

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Install digital signage in your estate agency window and attract new customers in the blink of an eye.

What are the benefits of digital signage for estate agents?

Digital signage has the right properties to meet the needs of the real estate sector. Equip your agencies with connected screens to be even more efficient in all your activities:

  • Customise the content displayed: you can enhance your estate agency’s image by displaying content that stands out from the crowd. From automated retrieval of adverts from your business software (photos, virtual tours, features, etc.) to customer testimonials or corporate videos, you have a wide choice of ways to communicate!
  • Update your adverts in real time: digital signage lets you automatically update all the information relating to your property offers: new photos, price changes, etc.
  • Improve your customer relations: customer testimonials, promotion of your news, events or social networks… Make an impression on your prospects and customers by maintaining a high-quality customer relationship. What’s more, you’ll be creating conditions that are conducive to sales, which will improve the sales performance of your teams.
  • Save time, space and money: digital signage is available in several formats. Whatever the configuration of your branch and the space you have available, you’ll find the perfect solution in our range! Give your agency a new dimension with a digital solution that gives you the opportunity to increase your portfolio of buyers and sellers sellers.

Is digital signage software the right solution for my real estate agency?

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool for the real estate industry.

These days, competition is fierce. It’s vital to stand out from the crowd if you want to keep your customers coming back. And what better way to catch the eye of passers-by than with a dynamic display in your window? Digital signage software is not only relevant, it’s essential to enhance your image and highlight your services.

How can my real estate ads appear on a digital signage screen?

Our digital signage software, Neoscreen, has been designed to work with your real estate software to automate the display of your content. Simply connect your Neoscreen license to your account, and the ads will automatically update on the screens to display the ones you want. You’ll be able to select the criteria and categories that suit you best, so you can adapt to your clientele and targets and meet their expectations. Attract and seduce in no time!

Can digital signage enhance my real estate agency's image?

Digital signage gives you 24-hour visibility, with automatic updating of your ads. This maximizes the visibility of your ads, and your chances of attracting customers. It’s a real asset for any real estate agency.

Is compatibility guaranteed for all real estate software?

Our Neoscreen software currently interfaces with :

  • Crypto
  • Périclès
  • Immostore 
  • AC3
  • Orpi
  • Hektor
  • CosmoSoft
  • Coventis
  • Batigere
  • Gercop
  • Immo-Diffusion

Can’t find your software? Don’t worry, we can guarantee compatibility with your software, although a little additional development will be required.