Optimise the organisation of your healthcare establishment with digital signage

The mission of a healthcare establishment, probably more than any other, has a certain ethical significance. All its activities are geared towards helping vulnerable people: patients in a doctor’s surgery, patients waiting for an operation in a hospital, or residents living in a nursing home. Delivering a high level of service quality is therefore a priority, for the well-being of the people who benefit from it. One of the ways of achieving this objective is to optimise the organisation of human and material resources.

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Optimise the organisation of your healthcare establishment with digital signage

Iagona - Security


Introduce your healthcare teams, their advice and care pathways to inspire patients’ confidence.

Iagona - Raise awareness

Raise awareness

Disseminate prevention messages, provide information on health and good hygiene practices

Iagona - Distribute all the information


Distribute all the information you need to know about your establishment to make it easier for your customers to get around

Iagona - Reducing waiting times


Ease your customers’ waiting time with entertaining dynamic content

Raising awareness and providing information through digital communication

Are you the head of a healthcare or nursing home? Digital signage is a communication tool that can help you to reach your target audience, whoever they may be:

  • Keep your public fully informed: connected screens allow you to transmit valuable information on the health situation in real time: for example, up-to-date data on the progress of an epidemic, or information campaigns produced by the government such as a call for vaccination.
  • Repeat prevention messages: make it easier to adopt the right reflexes in your establishment by regularly issuing instructions on the practices to be followed: reminders of protective gestures, rules on physical distance to avoid contracting viruses, general information on screening, etc. In this way, you can encourage appropriate behaviour to protect the health of vulnerable people (patients or residents) in your facility.
  • Make the public experience more attractive: digital signage modernises the image of your establishment by broadcasting more attractive animated or video content. There are many benefits, depending on your activity: for example, you can reduce patient anxiety in your hospital, or entertain residents in your nursing home.

Digital signage: the communication tool that strengthens the healthcare sector

Digital signage allows you to send personalised messages to everyone in your establishment:

  • The beneficiaries of your healthcare service: patients, patients, visitors, residents… from doctors’ surgeries to nursing homes, connected screens are practical, easy-to-use communication tools. You can broadcast animated or video content tailored to your audience, wherever you want in your establishment.
  • Your staff: you can improve the efficiency of your organisation by making it easier to distribute messages to your medical staff. All the information you need is just a few clicks away.

Broadcast messages that are noticed more, thanks to a format that naturally attracts the human eye. As a result, your messages are better remembered and assimilated.

Exploit the benefits of connectivity, with simplified management of your digital signage

Thanks to the connected nature of digital signage, you can instantly modify all the content displayed on your screens. You can adapt their use in just a few clicks, from a single platform.

IAGONA’s digital signage solutions offer the ease of use you expect from a high-performance, innovative tool. They are equipped with software with functions tailored to your medical practice, medical analysis laboratory, hospital, private clinic or nursing home:

  • Neoscreen, the digital signage software for designing, programming and managing your content and screens.
  • Mapex, a software extension to help your patients and visitors find their way around thanks to an interactive map that projects dynamic itineraries.
  • Signex, a software extension to direct your visitors to your various services.
  • Waitex: a software extension to make queues smoother and teams’ work easier.



Iagona helps you digitalize your customer experience

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Install digital signage in your healthcare facility and help spread prevention messages.

What are the benefits of digital signage for healthcare facilities?

The properties of digital signage make it an ideal solution for healthcare establishments (hospitals, clinics, medical practices, medical analysis laboratories, etc.). You can use it to improve your operations, at several stages of the patient journey:

  • welcoming and orienting your external audiences: it’s not always easy to find your way around a healthcare facility, especially a large one. Dynamic signage tools are directly connected to your digital signage system. They transmit the information your audiences need, 24/7. They help you to better welcome and inform your patients and visitors. Even when they visit your facility for the first time, they can easily find the place and the people who care for them.
  • reduce the feeling of waiting: add attractive and entertaining content to your reception areas to prevent waiting from becoming a source of anxiety and dissatisfaction for patients.
  • modernize spaces to make them more pleasant: bring more warmth and dynamism to your reception areas. Animated visuals or video projected onto screens re-enchant the experience of your patients and visitors.
  • facilitate the work of medical staff: by communicating the presence and availability of doctors or examination rooms. As a result, your staff are less solicited by visitors to your healthcare facility. What’s more, you optimize your resources and improve the efficiency of your teams.
  • diversify your activities: digital signage enables you to engage in actions that go beyond the usual scope of your business: for example, by organizing screening tests or vaccinating patients. Here, screens are used to reorganize the flow of traffic in your facility when the situation calls for it. You can temporarily re-adapt the use of your rooms and the tasks of your staff, while effectively informing your visitors of these changes so that they can easily find their way around your structure. This flexibility proved decisive during the health crisis. For example, medical analysis laboratories were able to use dynamic displays to communicate more effectively in the fight against Covid-19.

Would you like to use an interactive tool to deliver other value-added services? We invite you to discover our MK Med digital kiosk, which enables you to :

  • optimize patient admission to your healthcare facility and improve the efficiency of your teams’ work.
  • make your patients more autonomous in their care: without mobilizing your staff, they can set up their file, register, identify themselves, update their carte vitale, pay for their care…. All of which reduces your staff’s workload. During busy periods such as epidemics, this is a decisive factor in absorbing flows and preserving your teams.

What are the benefits of digital signage for nursing homes?

Digital signage can be used in a variety of ways, perfectly suited to the needs of nursing homes:

  • Communicate instantly and in a personalized way: whatever the configuration of your nursing home, you can transmit information tailored to the needs of your residents. Digital signage displays can be installed anywhere (even in bedrooms!). Last but not least, their connected nature and ease of use means you can set your own parameters for broadcasting messages, as well as modifying them in real time.
  • Help residents find their way around the nursing home: a dynamic display can be used as a signage tool to help residents find their way around your establishment. They get around better. Their daily lives are made easier.
  • To help residents follow the rhythm of their day: to inform your residents of the day’s activities, or to make sure they don’t miss mealtimes, install dynamic displays in strategic areas of your nursing home: high-traffic areas, common rooms…
  • Entertain residents with attractive content: the screen is a communication medium with a considerable advantage: all types of content (static, animated or video) can be broadcast. An nursing home can take advantage of this property to liven up residents’ daily lives, for example by organizing games such as quizzes.

Digital signage allows you to multiply and diversify the messages transmitted in your nursing home. Do you want to encourage discussion between residents, show your appreciation of the elderly, or keep them connected to the outside world to prevent them from feeling isolated? Visual communication is the solution you need!

Use digital signage screens in your EHPAD to broadcast medical, social or technical content, such as :

  • the nursing home entertainment program and weekly menus,
  • weather and news from France and abroad,
  • reports or TV programs,
  • an in-house TV channel, broadcasting, for example, photo or video reports on events that have taken place,
  • portraits of new arrivals to facilitate their integration, or background music to create a specific atmosphere.

Is digital signage software the right solution for a healthcare facility?

Digital signage software can be a relevant solution for a healthcare facility. It can help improve communication, information management and quality of care in real time. It can, for example :

  • Facilitate resource management: digital signage software can be used to track the availability of rooms, medical equipment and staff members, which can help optimize resource management and improve care efficiency.
  • Improve real-time communication: digital signage screens can be used to transmit important information such as medical alerts, patient updates and hospital announcements to caregivers in real time, which can help improve communication and collaboration between different hospital departments.