A market as competitive as the banking sector leaves companies no choice. They need to maximise their brand awareness and improve their image as much as possible. With cryptocurrencies coming of age and the rise of online banking, banks need an effective communications solution to help them stand out from the crowd.

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Banks: boost your visibility with digital signage!

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Your customers will be seduced from the moment they enter the store by a digital welcome that promotes your digital image.

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Promote your banking services and offers to give them the visibility they need.

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Display the opinions of your current customers to support your credibility and attract new customers.

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Make your image as attractive as the online experience to make it easier for your customers to belong.

Digital communication for greater visibility

Do you work in a banking establishment? Digital signage offers you everything you need to :

  • modernise your brand image
  • establish a close relationship with your customers and build loyalty,
  • promote your strategic services
  • involve your branches in the development of your business.

Digital signage: an ideal communication solution for banks

Digital signage has become a widespread digital communication tool for banks. Thanks to digital signage, you can connect all your branches and facilitate the transmission of information within your network! Take advantage of our extensive range to find the solution that best meets your objectives, while staying within your budget.

Where can you install your digital signage to communicate effectively?

  • In the window, to attract your customers: animated and video content has the advantage of capturing people’s attention very effectively. Their movement naturally attracts the human eye. By placing dynamic displays in the windows of your branches, you can reach new audiences and increase your number of prospects and customers.
  • In your reception areas, to improve your customers’ sense of expectation: these days, your customers want to make the most of their time. By installing a digital signage solution in your waiting areas, you can improve the customer experience. You can reinforce your brand identity by broadcasting content that entertains your customers. You can also highlight key services for pre-sales purposes.
  • In your offices, to support your staff’s activities: as a banking establishment, it’s useful to install digital signage in your advisers’ offices. This allows you to communicate quickly and easily with them, while providing the same level of information to all your teams.

Take advantage of the benefits of connectivity: manage your screen fleet with ease!

One of the greatest strengths of digital signage is its connected nature. All your screens are managed from a single platform. The resulting benefits are numerous! You can :

  • define and modify, at any time, the content shown on each screen, in all your branches.
  • update (in real time) all the content shown on your screens.
  • produce a national playlist to which each office can add its own content. Your branches gain greater autonomy. Your bank maximises its efficiency.
  • regionalise your communications, to offer maximum customisation of messages.

Opt for ease of use by equipping your digital signage system with content creation software. At IAGONA, this software is Neoscreen. It allows you to :

  • standardise your messages
  • customise your visual content.

Everything is done to make your communication more effective! Your day-to-day communications will run more smoothly:

  • in just a few clicks, create animated corporate content for your entire branch network,
  • modify local information at your convenience,
  • update, live and automatically, all the data displayed on the screens (e.g. stock prices or interest rates).



Iagona can help you digitise your customer journey

We’re here to listen to your digital signage projects, to help you digitise your displays and advise you on the best way to meet your needs!

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An innovative digital signage solution is much more attractive, helping to modernise your image and highlight your offers.

What benefits can digital signage bring to your bank?

The properties of digital signage make it an appropriate solution for the needs of your sector. Use it to make your organisation more efficient and develop your business:

  • Communicate your brand: thanks to the software integrated into the digital signage solution, you can optimise your communication and campaign distribution. Images, animations and promotional videos can be easily programmed. Simplified content management helps you communicate about your services, your brand or your local news.
  • Interact with your customers: with digital signage, you can be as close as possible to each customer. Convey messages that capture their attention better than printed posters. The information communicated is better known and remembered by the audience. And when the screen is interactive, you can go even further in getting closer to your customers: you can give them access to a large number of high added-value resources that, as well as being useful, enhance your customer appeal.
  • Improve your bank’s brand image: your customers are over-solicited for information these days. Digital signage helps you reap the benefits of digital communication. By broadcasting more dynamic and engaging content, you create a more modern and connected brand image.
  • Help with sales and reception: digital signage is a support tool for your teams of advisers. Your branches can promote banking products in a more engaging way. They also improve the customer experience by reducing the waiting time. As a result, your advisers have more favourable conditions for satisfying your customers and promoting your banking services.

Is digital signage software the right solution for my bank branch?

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool for bank branches. It’s the ultimate tool for standing out from rival branches, enhancing your offering and, above all, offering your customers an experience that’s the same as the one they have online.

In today’s digital world, it is essential to draw a parallel between the customer’s online experience and their offline experience, particularly to create a sense of belonging and recognition.

Can digital signage enhance the image of my bank branch?

Digital signage modernises the image of a banking establishment. Communications are up-to-date, in line with advertising campaigns that can reach your targets at different times of the day (TV campaigns, social networking sites, email campaigns or internet banners).

In shop windows, digital signage will help you generate traffic and increase visibility. Inside the agency, it will help to animate the space, guide and facilitate communication. All in all, an undeniable advantage!