Travel agencies Dynamic window displays… and your visibility takes off!

30 June 2023

Opt for digital signage in your travel agency window. And open up new horizons for you and your customers!

What do visitors expect when they walk through the door of a travel agency? A human contact rather than a purchase via the Internet, and a team of advisers who are genuinely ready to listen to their dreams of escape.

By digitalising your travel agency, you can literally plunge your customers into the heart of tourist destinations near and far, taking them straight away on exotic holidays and escapades off the beaten track…

It is becoming increasingly common to have one or more screens in shop windows, as well as interactive terminals and totems at the point of sale. Digital tools combining design, cutting-edge technology and ease of use are taking over from brochures and other traditional point-of-sale displays.

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Digital signage – Multimedia for visual immersion

Tip N°1 – Pamper your visibility

Faced with the Internet, the world’s largest travel agency, it’s essential to improve your visibility – and your brand awareness.

Digitalising your shop windows modernises your image and highlights your agency. Your invitations to travel are highlighted 24/7, whether your agency is open or closed. Your windows alone are an ideal place to attract attention and encourage people to travel.

Digital signage allows you to be as responsive and flexible as today’s hazards dictate.

A well-crafted, animated window display makes you twice as likely to walk through the door. Think about it!

Tip N°2 – Equip yourself with cutting-edge digital tools

If you want to stay ahead of the game, you have to be able to jump on the bandwagon. Whatever the configuration of your agency or network of travel agencies, there’s a suitable digital signage solution, coupled with easy-to-use software.

Digital kiosks, totems, wall-mounted screens, large-screen touch panels – take a look at our range of digital signage solutions.

Undeniable assets in your daily mission to satisfy your customers:

  • Information updated in real time
  • Simplified content creation
  • Enhanced marketing campaigns
  • Large-screen touch panels

Customers are better able to plan their journeys thanks to a large-screen touch panel. With the option of scrolling through visuals, displaying the agency’s website and selecting a trip using a filter system while waiting for an agent to become available.

Tip N°3 – Dematerialise and reduce the use of paper

Dematerialised ticketing and online registration are now part of our daily lives and are tending to reduce the use of paper.

Thanks to digital signage, you can decide to do something for the planet by significantly reducing your printing costs for brochures and other leaflets.

Tip N°4 – Benefit from our expertise and experience

  • Like you, we are committed to satisfying our customers all year round.

    How can we do that?

    • With advisers who listen to your needs
    • By guaranteeing you personalised assistance
    • By offering you payment facilities

    Our advisers are waiting for your call.

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