Totem LED Interactif – Combining ergonomic functionality and efficiency

30 June 2023

Appreciated for their effectiveness and practicality, advertising totems are POS (point-of-sale advertising) tools that can be used by companies. Whether indoors or outdoors, they can be used to communicate with audiences or to attract them.

Totems are signage elements renowned for their ability to attract attention. Particularly to people moving around the area where they are installed. They can do more than simply broadcast messages. They can transform contact with passers-by into an opportunity to sell a product. Or, when visiting a service establishment, by helping them to meet their needs at the time.

All you have to do is fit the totem with an interactive LED screen that the public can navigate. The interface and content can be adapted to suit the company’s needs and objectives.

The interactive LED totem is a communications and operational lever that makes meeting the public a special opportunity to win them over. But also to help them with their business.

Discover its main advantages in this article!

The practicality and versatility of tailor-made interactive tools

Unlike all the other traditional means of communication, display totems have the advantage of being easy to install. Thanks to a base that provides stability, they can be installed in any space open to the public.
Their vertical shape is ideal for placing them in strategic areas of an establishment. For example, at the entrance to guide visitors or make it easier for them to get through the door. Or in waiting areas, giving people the opportunity to use their free time to access useful information.
Advertising totems take up very little space and can be adapted to suit the layout of any location.

Advertising totems have the particularity of being visually attractive. Not least because they can be customised and made to measure. The entire design is tailored to the company’s image and brand universe. Whether it’s the shape of the advertising totems, their dimensions, colours, covering methods (self-adhesive vinyl, lacquering, etc.) or even lighting. Everything is determined by an organisation’s identity and the communication objectives it sets itself. Advertising totems are capable of seducing audiences with their trendy, innovative and modern character, thanks to their considerable creative potential.

Phygital” marketing strategies are making increasing use of advertising totems. They enable them to integrate digital levers and methods into their physical spaces. All they need to do is incorporate a screen into the totem, which acts as a “gateway” to the company’s various digital concepts.

Indoor totems offer companies a choice alternative for distributing the dynamic content they create. They are tailor-made communication levers capable of delivering messages effectively. And they can be adapted to suit the company’s image and brand awareness objectives.

Raising the profile of the company and its brand through interactive LED totem

Capturing attention

Advertising totems excel at capturing people’s attention. Their attractive visuals work particularly well in high-traffic areas. They effectively attract prospects, customers and visitors. They create an ideal opportunity to provide information about a product or service. They can also be used to pass on practical information about the point of sale or an event. Or to consolidate a brand universe.

Advertising totems equipped with LED screens offer a wide range of uses for outdoor advertising. Videos are one of the most memorable forms of content for viewers. They can be used to deliver messages to viewers. But the attention generated by dynamic content can also be used for other corporate purposes.

Enhancing the customer experience

Totems can be used to display any type of document useful to the public. For example, brochures, flyers and business cards are often displayed in storage areas built into totems. Many companies have created resources for exploiting the attention generated by these signage tools.

Thanks to their customised design, advertising totems enhance the environment in which they are installed. Their very presence enhances the customer experience at a point of sale or in a high-traffic area. Whether the aim is to intelligently arrange an empty space, or to play a fully active role in relation to the public. For example, by contributing to operational needs such as managing the flow of people.

It is the interactive nature of LED screens that gives them this power. People navigating the screen interface can carry out certain tasks completely independently, thanks to the power of digital technology. Operations on the totem are directly linked to operations in the establishment as part of an omnichannel approach.

Synchronisable screens to interact with audiences


The benefits of interactive LED totems go beyond traditional communication objectives. They are particularly useful in areas where there is a high flow of people, such as railway stations or healthcare establishments.

But for this to happen, they need to be fully used by the public. Content therefore becomes a decisive factor in creating a high-quality, non-disappointing customer experience. The same applies to the ergonomics of the interface: companies are installing interactive LED totems in their sales or reception areas. They therefore need to ensure the best possible relationship between users and the machine.


The functions integrated into advertising totems via interactive LED screens can be managed from a central control station. The totems can be integrated into a digital signage system, and communication campaigns can be controlled from there to maximise their impact.

This connectivity to a central system gives advertising totems a form of agility. The content and interfaces displayed on interactive screens can be changed instantly. As a result, companies can monitor and analyse audience receptiveness and, if necessary, quickly modify messages.

Finally, companies can synchronise advertising totems with other screens in their points of sale or reception areas (giant screens, window displays, etc.). This contributes to the creation of an even stronger customer experience, thanks to the consistency of the messages broadcast across all digital tools.

In conclusion

Advertising totems with interactive LED screens are among the most effective levers for capturing the attention of the public.

But their benefits don’t stop at one-way communication… The attention they generate can breathe new life into other corporate resources, or enable customers to be autonomous in specific establishments and support operational needs.

What’s more, they can be synchronised with existing screens, making them easier to manage and ensuring effective management of marketing and communications campaigns.

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