Discover Commercial display: no more traditional poster holders and make way for the new generation dynamic screen!

30 June 2023

When a company relies on display solutions to promote its products and services, or to develop the relationship with its customers through its brand universe, it fits into a hectic urban environment. Advertising messages are embedded in places of passage such as metro/bus stops, train stations or airports. In other words, the places where to capture the attention of individuals is a real challenge.

To be effective, commercial displays must be designed to appeal to passers-by caught up in their daily concerns.
And if the exercise is already difficult in the real world where individuals are overstressed by being confronted with a large amount of information of all kinds. This is even more the case today where individuals let themselves be taken over by the smartphone, especially when they are in a waiting situation.

The most effective dynamic screen is distinguished by its creative idea or by an original and attractive format. However, dynamic displays offer greater possibilities in the creation of advertising content. They have advantages over traditional displays that can make a company’s sales force even more efficient. In particular thanks to their high luminosity, their interactivity and their ergonomics. These display solutions make it easier to capture the attention of prospects and customers.

Discover in this article how digital signage has amplified the commercial strength of companies by giving a new breath to outdoor advertising!

The objective of an advertising display on a dynamic screen

Like any advertising lever, the display aims to deliver a message to individuals. Whether it is to present a product or service, or to develop the relationship with the brand. The dynamic screen is thus installed in places of passage, where individuals are busy with other activities. Unlike advertising on other traditional media such as television, cinema or advertising on press media.

Outdoor advertising must therefore, even more than other advertising levers, attract the attention of the public and make an impression on their minds. But it is a challenge worth addressing. Indeed, display is one of the advertising levers benefiting from the highest rate of memorization of messages among the public!

Beyond the production of advertising content, companies that choose commercial displays are faced with format constraints. But digital innovations, and in particular dynamic screens and LED technology, are opening up new possibilities in terms of advertising. And this, under conditions of respecting the regulatory framework applied in the country. Dynamic displays then constitute levers that can complement traditional displays. They are even more effective in achieving certain communication objectives.

How is the dynamic screen more effective than the traditional poster holder?

With dynamic screens, companies optimize the same display space by delivering dynamic content. Not only that, the limits of the volume of information are pushed back. But dynamic displays offer formats that increase the impact of communication. They thus strengthen the commercial strength of companies.

Digital signage improves the effectiveness of commercial messages for several reasons. It allows to :

Disseminate more information

By projecting multiple “images”, high-definition backlit displays allow companies to communicate longer, more comprehensive or more complex messages. They have the opportunity to more easily develop a sales pitch. Plus: dynamic displays make it easier to design advertising messages. Indeed, on a traditional poster holder, these messages must be condensed into a visual, sometimes to the detriment of certain advertising objectives.

Stage advertising messages

The dynamic aspect of the screens makes it possible to bring the targeted audiences into a progressive scenario. It then makes the dynamic communication of personalized messages more effective. The process is comparable to “storytelling”, where the sequences of visual sequences facilitate the memorization of advertising messages and the creation of an impact on the public.

Communicate on a greater number of media

With technological innovations, dynamic screens are easily installable on many types of multimedia supports. Whether it is: wall hanging, giant screen, LED screen, LCD screen, touch screen, totem, touch terminals, interactive terminals, dynamic window display, image walls, signage, dynamic POS, etc. Whatever the size of the screen, these multimedia content supports constitute an important lever for the internal communication and the external communication of companies. Both by improving the level of information of employees internally and the customer experience externally. (at points of sale, in shop windows, in public places, etc.).


Rely on human functioning to retain

Since the eye is naturally drawn to movement, the digital signage solution has a better chance of capturing the attention of audiences. They make brand messages more attractive. According to a study by Media report, a monitor positioned in a store window generates 10 times more eye contact than a conventional window. The dynamic screen thus increases its attractiveness by 15% and its customer traffic by 30%.

dynamic display is:

10 times more
visual contact with a screen in the window

attractiveness for the store

in-store traffic

The key success factors of commercial display

Dynamic displays have great potential that can be put to use in the commercial efforts of companies. But for that, it is important to understand what makes them successful. And this, in order to integrate them as well as possible into the development strategy of a company.

The greatest strength of the dynamic screen lies in the properties of digital.

The screen parks are connected in a network piloted in one place. Here too, the digital communication process is advantageous:

  • Advertising messages can be changed instantly on a selection or on all monitors in a park. This gives more agility and responsiveness to business communication.
  • When screens are interactive, businesses can interact with their audiences. This allows both to collect more information (for example, the email address of a customer). And to create an exclusive customer experience (for example, with a gamification process). This possibility of interaction also facilitates the evaluation of the effectiveness of commercial display by optimizing content management. It allows, if necessary, to readjust the content or readjust the advertising targeting.


  • Digital advertising messages make it easier for your visitors to remember information
  • Messages can be modified in real time and adapted to the audiences present
  • No more data loss! Advertising messages can be studied to assess their effectiveness

Many companies are also working to implement a personalized approach with their customers.
But personalizing advertising messages can be difficult when a company has a large nationwide digital signage fleet. In these cases, it is wise to call on technological partners who know and master the issues.

The dynamic screen also lends itself more easily to companies’ ROI approaches than traditional displays.
Communication objectives can be concretely measured and tracked. Moreover, contrary to certain received ideas, the installation of dynamic screens does not always represent too expensive an investment. The main difficulties are determining the “right-level” technology that meets the specific needs of a company, and understanding the cost of a dynamic display.

The display has been reinvented under the impetus of technological innovations. The digital dimension of dynamic displays has amplified the sales force of companies by improving the effectiveness of their advertising messages. With attractive content that captures the attention of prospects and customers, and whose production and distribution can be easily managed on a large scale on an entire fleet of screens, dynamic displays offer companies an advertising communication solution adapted to the criteria agility and responsiveness of our time.

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