Digital signage in theme parks plays right alongside you

30 June 2023

This year, the summer season means the reopening of tourist sites, animal parks, leisure centres and amusement parks, among others. An entire economic sector is looking forward to welcoming back the crowds of visitors, while complying with the same health rules as last summer. Controlled management of visitor numbers, hand disinfection, safety distances and the wearing of masks in queues, attractions, shops, hotels and other enclosed areas.

After long months of closure, everything has been carefully thought out to ensure that leisure and relaxation are the order of the day. On some sites, new activities or attractions with ever more innovative concepts are being created to attract visitors from the four corners of France and beyond, and make their visit a memorable experience.

But innovation is not confined to high-tech attractions. Digital signage solutions for theme parks alone offer a more entertaining way of communicating with your visitors, and one that has a greater impact. Let’s take a look at these advantages.

Asset N° 1 – Accompany visitors throughout their visit with digital signage

Ticketing terminals

As a complement to ticket offices, ticketing terminals allow visitors to buy their tickets independently. Our self-service digital payment terminals can be customised to fit perfectly into your environment.

Attendance management

Our CountEx software, a 3 in 1 solution:

  • Counting visitor entries and exits
  • Analytical data management
  • You can link the sensor to your digital signage system and relay your news

Visitor orientation

Thanks to an integrated mapping system, MapEx guides your visitors.

Would you prefer a made-to-measure solution?

We’ve got just what you need: CustomEx, a customised solution.

Asset N° 2 – Digital signage in theme parks, an unbeatable way of communicating with your visitors from France and abroad

From the reception area onwards, the use of pictograms and videos makes it easier to understand in all languages.

Whether you use screens, totems or interactive terminals, the legibility of messages and safety instructions delivered on your tourist site is fundamental. Digital signage facilitates this simple form of communication, as close as possible to visitors, simultaneously, making the visit more fluid and immersive.

Inform, guide and communicate – we offer you dedicated, easy-to-use digital signage software to help you invent the communications of tomorrow and interact with your visitors in line with your values and your DNA.

Digital kiosks, totems, screen walls, which digital signage solution(s) should you choose?

Asset N° 3 – Taking care of the maintenance of your theme park digital signage

That’s why we offer personalised assistance to our customers.

Iagona products have been manufactured in France since 1998 and comply with CE standards, which protects you in the event of a claim. To date, more than 24,000 solutions (digital signage and interactive terminals) have been deployed. We take care of installation and maintenance, and have a dedicated team of over 400 technicians ready to intervene.

  • Interfacing with your management software provided by our developers
  • In-house delivery, commissioning and training service
  • On-board software for remote maintenance
  • Hotline based in France and expert technicians
  • Repair workshop for hardware maintenance

Asset N° 4 – Offer you payment facilities

To help you finance your digital project with peace of mind, we’ve introduced a leasing payment plan. The aim is to encourage use rather than purchase, so that you can modernise and innovate.

Our customers benefit from customised, scalable packages, with rental payments linked to a fixed term. This means you don’t have to draw on your own funds or borrow, so you can remain competitive while preserving your cash flow.

At the end of the financing period, several options are available to you, depending on the strategy you wish to adopt.

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