Catering – Get back on track with our digital solutions

30 June 2023

When it comes to innovation in the catering industry, we could talk about those delivery robots that literally ring the doorbell to treat customers.

But that’s not the same technology, or even our business. The pandemic has led to a boom in fast food, deliveries, drive-throughs and takeaways.

A study published last February by the NPD Group on out-of-home catering in 2020 shows that fast food has seen its patronage grow, attracting 43% of consumer visits, compared with 36% the previous year. It’s clear that restaurant trends are in the process of being redefined, which is why it’s vital to reinvent ourselves.

Our mission is to understand your needs and expectations so that we can provide you with a reliable, long-term solution. Helping you choose the best digital tools, thanks to a complete range of digital signage solutions – including touch-sensitive order and payment terminals – to satisfy your hungry customers, whether they’re in a hurry or gourmets, or both.

Here are 3 good reasons to get back on track with digital signage in restaurants.

3 reasons to digitise your restaurant with digital signage

Not choosing the right equipment

Reason N° 1 – Adapting and digitising your business

There’s no doubt about it: digital devices are an invaluable tool for business. So why deprive yourself of digital signage solutions to attract and retain consumers, boost your sales and facilitate the customer experience.

Whatever your project, there’s a solution to suit.

An innovative digital signage solution gives your menu a boost in just a few clicks. Your dishes, menus, drinks and desserts are highlighted and displayed on your screen.
Find out more about our catering solutions and our touch-sensitive ordering and digital payment terminals. The functions of our MK-Lite and MK-Evo interactive terminals.

Reason N° 2 – Cultivate proximity thanks to digital signage in restaurants

We all suffer from a cruel lack of interaction, which is why you need to create a close bond with your customers.

Promote your establishment in an inspired and creative way. Showcase your offer by standing out from the crowd, by sharing recipes and photos of your star dishes – videos of steaming dishes or recipes being prepared before your very eyes will whet your appetite -. Break the codes, the only limit is your imagination.

Make your customers want to follow your news and join your community on social networks. Talk to their taste buds!

Reason N° 3 – Tailor-made financing

It’s possible to finance your project at your own pace, by staggering your payments!

At Iagona, we offer financing* from 24 to 60 months.

By thinking in terms of leasing rather than purchase, you can preserve your cash flow and manage investment costs rather than a short-term expense. You give yourself the means to have equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

* Financing from €6/day for 60 months (excluding maintenance, facilities management and any software development).

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