Digital signage for pharmacies

30 June 2023

Prescription scanning, click & collect, online sales… Confinement has led to an explosion in the use of digital technology in pharmacies.

And if you followed our prescription to the letter…

Long gone are the days of the apothecary working in his dispensary with its beautiful wooden shelves, preparing 1001 herbal remedies, potions and other therapeutic concoctions…

Over the last ten years or so, digital signage has taken hold in pharmacy windows and on display shelves. This far-reaching transformation is part of the overall development of the digital health sector – e-health – in which the pharmacy of the future must play a part.

Opting for digital signage in your pharmacy means offering your patients high-quality, local digital communication, while continuing to provide them with valuable advice.

And it’s you, the pharmacist, who controls and customises your content and the way it’s displayed.

As an essential part of our daily lives, the world of pharmacy/parapharmacy is constantly evolving to keep pace with medical advances and changing lifestyles. The digitalisation of pharmacies is helping to support your range of products and services with clear visual communication that everyone can understand.

Digital signage in pharmacies: the order of the day

At Iagona, what we call “helpful” digital takes on its full meaning within your store. Our digital signage solutions – window displays, wall screens and totems – are all reliable and ingenious ways of informing and meeting the needs of your patient base.

Raising awareness – Promoting responsibility

Respect for protective measures – Since the health crisis, disinfecting your hands with hydroalcoholic gel has become a must when entering a public place, just like wearing a mask, and these measures must be enforced by making people aware of their responsibilities.

We’ve designed a hard-wearing, multi-purpose dispenser for hydro-alcoholic gel. A French solution compatible with all types of pump bottles on the market. Our MKCare dispenser takes care of you and your customers.


Our LED monitors are an excellent way of delivering healthcare professionals’ messages clearly and concisely. In particular, by using computer graphics, short animations or informative videos, and tailoring messages to current events and seasonal ailments.

Awareness campaigns – There are many initiatives to support and publicise, such as the no-smoking month – cancer screening – vaccination against influenza, and soon against COVID-19, to name but a few. Install a Totem inside your pharmacy and you’ll be relaying this valuable information to as many people as possible.

As well as all the practical information relating to your pharmacy (opening times – pharmacy on call – medicines out of stock – vaccination services and anti-covid tests or addresses of screening centres, etc.)


No need to stick up posters or update them, indoor or outdoor LED monitors will highlight your products and services in a much more lively way.

In fact, digital signage acts as a relay for pharmacy staff and boosts sales. Waiting customers can follow the latest news from your pharmacy, find out about medical and health issues, and discover new care products.

We highlight

  • Flagship products, seasonal products
  • Special offers
  • Advice on use
  • The storytelling of a parapharmacy brand
  • Your website, your prescription scanning service, click & collect
  • Theme of the month…

In compliance with health regulations

CountEx, the technology you can count on!

Our CountEx software counts your customers’ arrivals and departures.

A 3-in-1 offer: attendance management, analytical data management and digital signage. CountEx allows you to link your sensor to your digital signage system. Natively RGPD, equipped with Time-of-Flight technology, 98% reliability.

Our developers have created customisable templates indicating the number of people present in your establishment. Depending on the information provided by the sensor, your screens will automatically update to show your visitors whether they can enter or whether they need to wait outside. This display adapts to the maximum number of people authorised to enter the establishment.

Messages can be configured to reflect your latest news. So, whether it’s a promotional offer, news specific to your establishment or media to be launched, they can be triggered as soon as a new visitor enters.

In short, digital signage is at the service of your pharmacy

Digital signage is an ally and an additional sales channel. It’s a service that complements your offering, helping you to clear your stock and boost your sales. Digitalization merges with the traditional sales channel – the pharmacy – enabling you to respond to all the needs and requests of your patient-customers.


What will your digital strategy be for 2021?


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