Engage your consumers with intelligent messaging!

30 June 2023

What if your messages were displayed according to the temperature outside?
Promoting products according to the weather is the best way to attract your consumers and add impact to your communication. They’ll feel engaged by a message that’s perfectly in tune with their current mood.
However, you can’t check the weather application every morning to anticipate the day’s broadcast…

Iagona has the solution.
Discover the intelligent message function, available on Neoscreen.

Attracting consumers is all very well, but the best way is to use the right message at the right time.

Give your message
to your message

The key to using digital signage is to catch your consumer’s eye. The main advantage of this medium, compared with traditional paper displays, is that it can be animated and moved, and can convey several messages at once.

Thanks to this intelligent message functionality, you can now target your consumer at the right moment and give your message added impact. Promoting swimwear in a ready-to-wear shop when it’s 15°C and raining hard is the best way to “scare off” your consumer.

Where can this feature be used and on what media?

Whether you’re displaying in a shop window, indoors or directly on the shelf, you can use this functionality anywhere.

The advantage of our Neoscreen digital signage software is its adaptability. You create the messages you need and then choose the playlist and player to display them. So the layout of your screens doesn’t matter, as long as your message is adapted to the customer’s phase.

Here are a few examples…

In the window, to attract consumers into your shop

In-store, to inform them of a current promotion
On the shelf, to encourage the purchase of a specific product

Découvrez notre logiciel d’affichage dynamique Neoscreen

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