Tourist offices: digital signage makes life easier and puts heritage in the spotlight

30 June 2023

Opt for digital signage in your tourist office and access a range of easy-to-use, high-performance digital tools. Touch screens, interactive terminals, totems… Digitalise your tourist office to showcase our heritage. Present local information, tourist accommodation, sporting and cultural activities, and the unsuspected treasures of our region in a lively and easy way.

What do visitors expect when they walk through the door of a tourist office? A smile, a caring team and a wealth of information and advice to answer their questions or inspire a thousand and one desires.

Our digital solutions: the keys to successful escapades

Key N°1 – Modernise your tools to meet public expectations

In a complex, fast-moving environment – where there are so many new products and services on offer and where the parameters for welcoming the public are constantly changing – our digital solutions make life easier for you.

As allies of your social media, digital signage solutions offer a modern means of communication that’s perfectly suited to information management, so you’re always up to date and able to answer questions from your local customers and holidaymakers.

Digital signage allows you to be as responsive and flexible as today’s hazards dictate.

Key N°2 – Adding value for your visitors

Digital kiosks, totems, wall screens – we can help you identify the right digital signage solution, coupled with easy-to-use software.

The clearer and more comprehensible your digital communications are to everyone, the shorter and more personalised the discussions at the counters will be, and the more knowledgeable and rewarding they will be for everyone. In human terms, it should also be smoother.

Key N°3 – Limiting the use of paper

From digital kiosks and totems to wall-mounted screens, we can help you identify the right digital signage solution, coupled with easy-to-use software.

In recent years, the development of mobile applications and social media has made the use of paper far less essential. This should reduce the need for multiple reprints of brochures and other leaflets, and that’s all to the good.

Thanks to digital signage, you can decide to do your bit for the planet by significantly reducing your paper printing costs.
We’ve undergone so many changes and upheavals over the last two years that this point is far from insignificant.

Key N°4 – Staying as close to you as you are to your audience

This is one of our mottos at Iagona, and not just during the summer months 😊


  • By really listening to your needs
  • By guaranteeing you personalised assistance
  • By offering you easy payment terms

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