Digital transformation as a springboard for the cultural sector

30 June 2023

Ask for the programme: 4 cards to play to transform current constraints into creative levers

One year of confined culture is a long time… In spite of the vibrant appeals for help from those involved in the sector, in spite of the strict observance of “concrete” health measures and in spite of the many creative solutions already deployed, how can you keep in touch with THE public without whom nothing has any meaning, when – except for art galleries – the doors of museums, castles, monuments, cinemas, theatres and other performance venues are ordered to remain closed.

To compensate for these lowered curtains and the cascade of cancelled events and exhibitions, museums and monuments are offering interactive systems. To bring their exhibitions to life, some museums are immersing web visitors in 360° virtual tours, while others are offering online activities, each displaying a wealth of ingenuity.

These are resources that should be applauded and encouraged, as it seems vital to take the opposite approach to this context of immobility. And to take essential steps to invent the future and re-enchant the daily lives of an entire sector of activity.

Card N°1 – Take advantage of the current context to audit your public reception facility and plunge into the digital age

The French have a strong bond with cultural venues, as does the impact of their closure on their morale. If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to audit your structure and move forward.
Use our digital signage solutions as your ambassadors to attract customers into your shop and put a ring on their finger.

  • Evaluate tools, identify digital needs
  • Anticipate visitor feedback as part of a global approach
  • Optimise their visit from the moment they arrive, making it easier and more enjoyable for them to discover your store.
  • Rethink your digital communications

Card N°2 – Give free rein to your creativity to surprise your visitors

It’s up to you to dream big, to build real and/or virtual projects, on site and remotely, with relevance, sustainability and monetisation in mind.

Take, for example, the © Centre Pompidou, which, in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, is launching an all-digital project immersing visitors in “In the Intimacy of Kandinsky”. The exhibition allows visitors to rediscover the artist’s masterpieces, share in his travels and linger over the encounters that marked his life.

Couldn’t we imagine that an exhibition of this kind, presented virtually today – in today’s context – and proving so popular with the public, could be enhanced by a unique digital signage solution?

The aim, when the museums reopen, would be to rekindle curiosity and plunge visitors into a more lively, interactive and entertaining world.

Card N°3 – Rethinking your digital communications

Digital tools allow you to build a new, more agile global communication system, as close as possible to your visitors, at the same time.

We offer you dedicated digital signage software. As a communication tool, sales aid and customer support tool, digital signage is used throughout the visitor’s visit to make it a special time for sharing and relaxation.

Tactile kiosks, Totems, screen walls – which display should you choose?

Tell us about your project and we’ll help you find the digital signage solution that’s right for you.

With digital signage, interactive terminals, totems and other media, we can help you to :

  • Attract and retain visitors
  • Immerse them in the world of the venue
  • Boost communication within your ERP
  • Exploit the synergies created by digital signage

Card N°4 – Careful preparation for the long-awaited reopening

Un jour viendra où la réouverture sera bel et bien d’actualité et il y a fort à parier qu’une foule compacte de visiteurs impatients sera au rendez-vous pour goûter à l’émotion retrouvée de la découverte. Ce jour-là, le jour des lendemains qui chantent, qui dansent, qui vibrent, tout devra être parfait, à commencer par l’accueil du public.

La gestion des flux est-elle optimale ?

Avec notre logiciel CountEx, profitez d’une offre 3 en 1 ! 

  • Comptage des entrées et sorties des visiteurs

  • Gestion des données analytiques

  • Possibilité de coupler le capteur à votre affichage dynamique et de relayer vos actus

Essential barrier gestures

As well as maintaining a safe distance and wearing a mask, the use of hand gel is essential. We’ve designed a hard-wearing, multi-purpose dispenser for hydro-alcoholic gel. Compatible with all types of pump bottles on the market. Our MKCare kiosk takes care of you and your visitors.

Have you thought about ticketing kiosks?

Make access easier for your visitors and relieve the crowds at checkouts by installing ticketing terminals. As a complement to a ticket office, self-service ticketing terminals allow visitors to take their time choosing a show or a seat, and to buy tickets for shows, museums, amusement parks or sporting events on their own.

Our digital self-service payment terminals can be integrated into your environment through their aesthetic appeal and customisation. Tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to identify the right product.

Culture professionals, we’re here to listen!

A gift, a wink from Air France, creative to say the least, honouring exceptional cultural sites on the theme of safety instructions.

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