K12 touch terminal

The indoor interactive terminal

  • An interactive touch terminal
  • Ideal for use in restaurants, lobbies and shopping centres
  • Tilted for greater comfort
  • Accessories available for greater customisation
  • A choice of customised sheet metal colours
  • Available with screens ranging from 22 to 55 inches

Offres et services

Iagona - Flexibility


Thanks to its lectern format, the K12 touch terminal can be adapted to your establishment for optimum reception.

Iagona - Elegant


The K12 has been designed with you in mind. Simple and elegant, it blends into any environment.

Iagona - Customisable


A terminal that reflects your image, thanks to all the customisation features available

Iagona - Flexible


The K12 touch terminal can be used as a recording terminal and can be fitted with a number of additional accessories.

Digitalise your visitor reception with an accessible touch terminal. Inform, communicate and promote your establishment with ease! Iagona can help you with your project from A to Z!

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Features of the K12 interactive terminal


  • The kiosk screen is available in 5 different sizes to suit your use and needs. Choose from 22″, 32″, 42″, 46″ and 55″ screens.
  • The glass screen offers excellent resistance to malicious acts (scratches, breakage, etc.).
  • Choose to personalise the base of the kiosk by adding your logo
    The 22″ screen can be rotated in portrait mode (vertical format)


  • Add a wifi or 4G router for greater installation flexibility
  • Equip the console with a contactless reader (NFC or RFID) to facilitate identification or badge reading
  • Add a document tray to the front or side of the kiosk, allowing your users to place their personal belongings on it
  • Add a multimedia kit for video conferencing (camera and speakers)
  • Add a stainless steel keyboard with an integrated mouse

How to use:

  • The console has a steel structure for greater strength and stability.
  • The K12 bollard offers all the guarantees of CE certification, and in particular electrical compliance. Its power supply is 110-220 volts.

A terminal compatible for all your uses

With Neoscreen digital signage, display your videos and interactive messages directly on your digital console. Inform your customers and highlight your current offers.



By installing the DeskEx extension on your digital kiosk, you can welcome your visitors to your establishment. They’ll be able to find out more about the establishment they’re in, announce themselves to the person they’re meeting, or register for a visit.

Coupled with our MenuEx extension, you can display your restaurant menu on your K12 digital kiosk. This extension gives you the opportunity to quickly update your menus and offers to consumers, making them easier to use and more user-friendly.



Iagona can help you digitalise your customer journey

We’re here to listen to your digital signage projects, to help you digitise your displays and advise you on the best way to meet your needs!

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