3 July 2023

Soléa has been providing public transport in the Greater Mulhouse area for over 130 years.

Soléa’s means of transport include the bus network, tramway, tram-train, electric shuttles and transport on demand.
Soléa employs 621 people, including nearly 400 drivers.
The network serves 39 communes, covering an area of 346 km² with a population of 275,000.

Soléa: real-time internal communication




Soléa wanted to further develop its internal communications, not only for employees who are constantly present in the company, but also for drivers on the move, who don’t always have the opportunity to find out about new company information, organizational changes or internal events in real time. In addition to traditional internal communication and information dissemination, the major interest of digital signage for Soléa was to be able to disseminate information relating to drivers’ itineraries, by sharing weather conditions, any roadworks and detour, and new routes.

The Iagona solution


This was a double deployment for Soléa, which chose Neoscreen content creation and distribution software for its speed and ease of use.
First of all, Soléa chose to equip itself with several digital signage screens, to share practical information for internal employees. In addition, table-top interactive terminals have been installed, especially for when drivers take up their duties.

Drivers have access to networked printers on these terminals, which enable them to clock in and out, as well as accessing information about their work schedules and the lines that concern them. A further 5 kiosks are available for all staff to consult documents and internal communication media. The digitization of this information replaces paper displays, for faster updating.