La Redoute

3 July 2023

La Redoute is going full digital, from its head office to its stores, including Quai 30

Digitalization isn’t just about sales in the stores. It’s also in-house, to improve productivity and the daily lives of employees. That’s the choice our customer La Redoute made when it installed our dynamic screens throughout its structure. More than 60 screens have been deployed at head office, on the logistics site (Quai 30) and in corners. In this way, La Redoute was able to modernize its image by placing its trust in us.

I’d like to thank our customer for choosing us for this major, long-term project. Iagona and La Redoute have been working together for over 10 years now, a loyalty that counts for something and touches us.

La Redoute goes full digital


The issue


The initial problem was focused on internal communications. La Redoute’s premises are spread over several geographical locations. It was therefore important for the brand to provide its employees with the same level of internal information.

And to achieve this, it was necessary to take into account the specific working conditions of each employee. Whether they were working in the office at head office, or on the move in the warehouse. The installed base was aging, and didn’t allow the communications department to be autonomous in broadcasting messages. Nor to be creative.

The Iagona solution


Iagona proposed a complete reorganization of La Redoute’s screens to support the new communications strategy that marks the brand’s renewal. Digital signage solutions driven by our Neoscreen software were installed. They support both internal and point-of-sale communication.

La Redoute’s Roubaix head office has been equipped with connected screens to promote internal communication and unite employees. Numerous screens, including 84-inch triptychs, have been installed.
The screens in the logistics center now broadcast the same internal communications as at head office. But also productivity indicators, safety instructions and other key information to improve employees’ daily lives.
Sales outlets and corners have been redesigned to include screens that modernize the image by broadcasting videos. They showcase collections, new products and promotions.

Iagona participated in the digitalization of La Redoute’s communications. In particular, by offering the latest generation of screens controlled by its digital signage software. Neoscreen enabled La Redoute’s teams to selectively broadcast internal information for employees and sales communications at points of sale, regardless of geographical location.


We wanted to deploy a network of connected screens in addition to our other internal communication media (intranet, magazine, private Insta account) to reach employees in a different way. In particular, we wanted to share more information with employees at our logistics site, who don’t necessarily have access to our intranet.
We greatly appreciated the support we received in terms of maintenance, commercial relations and telephone after-sales service: responsiveness, advice, availability and attentiveness to our needs were all there.

Julie Modolo

Editorial manager - La Redoute