Juvignac Town Hall

3 July 2023

Juvignac is located to the west of Montpellier. It is the 3rd largest municipality in the metropolitan area and currently has a population of over 12,000.
Thanks to its assets and geographic location, the town is committed to offering its residents a privileged living environment. To this end, it is committed to preserving its natural spaces. It is also committed to developing and renovating its public parks and gardens.
Committed to the ecological transition and keen to limit its environmental impact, Juvignac Town Hall is going digital. The aim is to replace paper and meet the needs of citizens and administrative services.

Today, many town halls are going digital to facilitate access to services, particularly in terms of legal signage. Installing digital signage solutions makes daily life easier for local authorities and their citizens. Juvignac town council was ready to take the digital signage plunge, with a number of objectives in mind. We supported them in their project, with the help of our partner Ordysis.

Juvignac town hall goes digital to improve residents’ access to information


The problem


Two factors have prompted the town of Juvignac to take action: legal paper signage has its limits, as it is produced in excessive quantities. For example, at the end of municipal council meetings, the municipality is obliged to distribute all the minutes. These documents can run to 200 pages, making it difficult to display them all. Juvignac’s town council was keen to facilitate access to information for its citizens as fairly as possible, and was looking for a way to simplify this distribution of information.

It was also important for the town council to communicate widely on events, works and activities taking place in the area.
Iagona and Ordysis therefore took part in the project, with the aim of bringing viable and effective solutions to the commune, and simplifying their day-to-day work.

The Iagona solution


The proposed solution: a touch-sensitive totem installed outside the town hall. It can be accessed by citizens at any time of the day or night. Equipped with our Neoscreen software solution, the totem displays a document portal containing all the legal notices that need to be displayed. Citizens can consult municipal by-laws and council resolutions whenever they wish. They can also consult the mayor’s decisions, as well as all information relating to town planning and daily life.

Updating these documents is simplified thanks to Neoscreen. Accessible from an online platform, staff can easily upload documents relating to municipal information for distribution. What’s more, the portal is also available on the town’s website, with the aim of simplifying access to information. As a result, every citizen can consult information from the comfort of their own home.

To complete the city’s digital offering, digital signage screens have been installed in the reception areas of its municipal facilities. These display events, current projects and useful information. The advantage of a digital signage solution is that the messages displayed can be adjusted according to the location of the screen.

Digital media guarantee fast, effective communication about the town and its projects. And all from different points of contact. All kinds of messages, photos and videos can be broadcast, and all information is updated in real time.

A large-scale project that satisfies all departments and residents.

Continuing the digitalization process, new projects will be implemented in 2023. This will facilitate communication between the city’s various tools and Neoscreen. The aim: a standardized information system.


Iagona is a company open to communication and solutions. The company was able to provide us with an offer that met our needs, and a mutual trust was established between it and the Juvignac town council.