Hyatt Regency

3 July 2023

Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, a 4-star hotel owned by one of the world’s leading
Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

Located in the center of the capital, the Paris Etoile hotel boasts 995 rooms and suites, and enables professionals and individuals to organize events,
conferences and reserve private rooms in its 35 meeting rooms.

Hyatt Regency digitalizes its hotel communications




The Hotel Paris Etoile was looking for a software solution to direct guests to their meeting rooms. The hotel wanted to be able to inform its guests of current and upcoming meetings, in a clear and legible way from a schedule.

Hyatt Paris Etoile’s main requirement was to find a dynamic signage solution that was easy to use, both for content and message creation, and for meeting planning and room management. At the same time, Hyatt wanted to be able to display the restaurant’s menu in a dynamic, modern way.

La solution Iagona

SignEx: revitalizing signage

The software solution best suited to Hyatt Paris Etoile’s needs is SignEx, a dynamic signage software system that directs guests to meeting rooms, seminars and conferences using a signage system.
Thanks to SignEx, Hyatt is now able to welcome and inform customers by managing a multimedia playlist and scrolling messages.

On the hardware side, we recommended the use of kiosks and screens of various sizes for dynamic signage.
We deployed within the hotel :

  • multiple 22″, 43″ and 55″ screens,
  • a reception desk with a 55″ screen,
  • several screens for displaying the restaurant’s menu.