EDHEC Business School

20 June 2023

EDHEC joins us on a new adventure with more confidence than ever

EDHEC Business School is an international business school specialising in business, entrepreneurship, management and innovation. It has 5 academic campuses: Lille, Paris, Nice, London and Singapore. It is one of Europe’s top 15 business schools, with 8,600 students and 175 professors and researchers.

EDHEC acquires Neoscreen… for a second time



The context

EDHEC turned to us for internal use of our Neoscreen software on 3 of its campuses: Lille, Paris and Nice. The school currently has 90 players on its three campuses. After more than 12 years of mutual trust, EDHEC is returning to Iagona for the latest version of Neoscreen to perpetuate this internal communication between students, teachers and school staff.

The issue


EDHEC has been using our Neoscreen digital signage software for almost 12 years. In 2009, when the solution was first installed, the school wanted to deploy it on its own server (on premise) with players already in place. Over time, and with the lack of maintenance, content management became more difficult. What’s more, since access to the back office was on their server, they needed to be on campus to update the content.

As EDHEC uses this solution to communicate with students and lecturers, it was essential that the solution was functional and could be updated quickly.

The Iagona solution


Initially, Iagona had to update the entire fleet. To do this, all the hardware was replaced, to facilitate maintenance.

Next, the players were deployed with the new version of the Neoscreen software, hosted as a SaaS solution by Iagona, guaranteeing enhanced IT security for the fleet. What’s more, this latest version provides access to the latest features and connected services offered by the solution. An additional advantage when it comes to creating new messages.

The digital signage solution is now being used as originally intended by EDHEC. It is mainly used to broadcast information about courses, room schedules and the presence of lecturers.

Digital signage is also used to promote internal campus activities, such as events organised by student associations.

The software is highly appreciated for its quick and easy updates, as well as its accessibility from any location with an internet connection (no need to be on campus to modify information).

Today, the communications department can connect to the interface from anywhere in order to update the broadcast playlists. This makes communication much easier, especially at off-campus events such as open days and meetings. These events allow the necessary information to be communicated without the added stress of updating the media.

The digital signage solution makes everyday life easier for everyone on campus, and is greatly appreciated by students, lecturers and staff alike.


We’re very satisfied with this new deployment, which went off without a hitch. The technical team was responsive and professional during installation, and afterwards when we called on them.

Christophe Dejoie

IT Asset Manager