ECLA Villejuif

3 July 2023

ECLA Villejuif improves with Iagona

ECLA is a major player in the co-living market. With the aim of bringing students, working people and globetrotters together in unique, communal places, the company creates state-of-the-art residences with all kinds of common spaces for comfortable, versatile daily living.
The ultimate goal? To bring them together in Europe’s largest Co-living residences.
ECLA currently has 3 exceptional sites in the Paris region.

ECLA digitalizes its student residences


For its new student residences, ECLA called on Iagona to digitalize its entrance hall, with a giant screen available to students.

The issue


ECLA residences were built from the ground up with an immediate commitment to digitalization. The most recent, the Paris Villejuif residence, opened in 2020.

ECLA wanted to facilitate access to information in this new residence in order to be closer to its residents. The objectives were simple: to guide, inform and entertain on a daily basis. The need was for real-time information on campus life for students, as well as entertainment with access to TV channels such as Canal+. All in the residence’s main entrance hall.

The Iagona solution


A giant screen was installed in the lobby of ECLA Villejuif. As the order was urgent, Iagona made every effort to deliver and install it within a month of receiving the order.

The 4-metre wide, 2-metre high screen has a very high resolution. To ensure good visibility of the content, we chose to install a screen with a 2.6 mm pitch, enabling comfortable reading close to the screen. This makes it easier for students to focus on the display!

What’s more, this project will bring students together for a moment of sharing during the showing of films and series, reinforcing the cohesion expected by the residency.
In the long term, the screen will be used not only to broadcast information, but also as a genuine communication tool, versatile in its display and event use.

The screen was tailor-made for the residence, ensuring impeccable production quality, which confirms ECLA’s confidence in Iagona.

Numerous projects are currently under study to extend the digital signage solution to student establishments such as universities.


A scalable display solution. Iagona was able to come up with an adapted offer that met our customer’s needs, and integrated into a modern environment in keeping with our customer’s image.

Pascal Barascud